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 is made up of former Canadian and British Intelligence operatives who have unparalleled expertise in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Source Handling Operations. We have leveraged our experience to develop specialized corporate security training programs that emphasize intelligence-led security principles. We also deliver full spectrum HUMINT training for clients within law enforcement, military, national security, and other select organizations that have a requirement to conduct sensitive source handling operations domestically or abroad. Experts in face-to-face communication, we provide unique and insightful training to individuals in fields where  ‘critical conversations’ are frequent.

Coming Up

Interviewing & Questioning Techniques for Legal Professionals – Ottawa

This half-day CPD accredited workshop is for legal professionals that want to become better at a critical part of their job; face-to-face interviewing. Whether your interactions are with clients or other legal professionals, this workshop will bring your interviewing and questioning techniques to the next level. 





Corporate Counter Intelligence Awareness Briefing

This 2-hour awareness briefing is for organizations that work within sensitive areas (government, defense, research, high-tech etc.) that wish to have a better understanding of the intelligence-based threats they face, such as those posed by foreign intelligence services and corporate espionage. This briefing will give a whole new outlook on term "Insider Threat" and you will hear from those who have done it for real.

Interviewing & Questioning Techniques

This half-day workshop is for professionals in fields where there is a requirement to conduct fact-finding interviews. Participants will learn a tried and tested system to obtain clear and accurate information from an interviewee in an ethical and respectful way.

Source Handling Concepts for Law Enforcement

This customizable half-day training session is for law enforcement agencies that wish to expand their knowledge of source handling concepts. Topics include proactive source recruitment, information elicitation, source development, case management and tradecraft & security.



Source Handling Operations - HUMINT Training

A strong knowledge of strategic source recruitment, interaction, and retention techniques is vital to safe and secure source operations. Our module based Source Handling Operations training prepares those in the HUMINT field with the tools they need to successfully develop and manage high quality sources in order to gain accurate, actionable information.

Secure Business Operations - Corporate Security Training

Businesses are susceptible to a multitude of intelligence-based threats on a daily basis and from a variety of sources. While these threats will continue to test your personnel and resources, your response does not have to be reactive – you can take proactive measures to protect your organization and your employees with our Secure Business Operations training programs.



Greyscale Intelligence is a security consulting and training agency based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. With decades of experience between them, Greyscale’s principals are experts in the field of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), risk management and security intelligence. By bringing together a number of specialized skills, Greyscale is able to effectively assess client risk factors and then deploy a training solution that enhances their overall security posture and preparedness.



Matt served 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, five of which were spent in the Canadian military Human Intelligence (HUMINT) unit, Joint Task Force X (JTF X). As a JTF X source handler deployed to Afghanistan, Matt managed some of Canada’s most sensitive foreign intelligence assets, while at the same time, he successfully commanded numerous ground operations inside some of the most hostile areas imaginable. Having achieved his goals within the military, in 2015 Matt transitioned from intelligence operative to business, creating Greyscale Intelligence as a means to stay involved in the fields he considered himself so fortunate to be a part of: security, intelligence, and source handling.



Baz is a 25-year veteran of the British Army where he specialized in counter-terrorism while working within Special Operations. Baz has extensive experience working as an intelligence officer in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan. More recently he has used his skills to manage corporate security for the oil and gas exploration industry, working within international hot spots across the globe. In 2007 Baz was honoured with a Queens Commendation for his achievements in Afghanistan, and since working in the private sector, he has successfully completed his Masters Degree in International Relations. Joining Greyscale in 2016, Baz brings with him impressive knowledge and experience in the field of security and HUMINT



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