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Strengthening Employee and Organizational Security

This 2-hour corporate counter intelligence awareness briefing is relevant to employees who must maintain a security clearance and to anyone else that has access to sensitive or proprietary information as part of their job. Delivered by experienced intelligence practitioners, this briefing will give participants insight into the types of hostile intelligence threats that exist, the methods that foreign intelligence services use to gather information, and the ways in which an employee can be exploited into releasing classified or sensitive material to unauthorized parties. Participants will be able to leverage this awareness in order to recognize and mitigate a variety of intelligence-based threats that they may face as a result of their access to sensitive information.

If you work in an industry that deals with sensitive (i.e. valuable) information, for example, government, defense, research, banking, medicine, etc., then the following is absolutely true: there exists a strong possibility that hostile actors will attempt to obtain classified / sensitive / proprietary information from your organization. Whether it manifests as an insider threat, a cyber security breach or corporate espionage, your information, and by extension your employees, are at risk from a variety of intelligence-based threats. So, how does an organization protect itself from these threats? The answer: start by going beyond generic security awareness briefings. The Greyscale Corporate Counter Intelligence awareness briefing is anything but generic where you will learn how spying really happens, and you will hear it directly from those who have done it. Topics include:

Why you? We will look at "access" in the same way an intelligence operative does, and we will see why the very measures put in place to protect you can actually make you a target.

Participants will learn what avenues of research are open to hostile actors as they attempt to gain intelligence on an organization or individual. The frightening depth of information that open source intelligence can provide will be demonstrated, and tips on how to safeguard against it will be shared. 

Surveillance is a common and effective way to gather a great deal of information needed to exploit an individual. Participants will gain valuable insight into how it is done and most importantly, what looks and feels like to be under hostile surveillance themselves. 

An explanation of the methodology used by intelligence services and other hostile actors to exploit an individual for the purpose of obtaining sensitive information. Greyscale Intelligence presenters will provide insight into 'source recruitment' and insider threats in more detail and clarity than can be found anywhere else.

A brief recap of key points from the subject matter covered followed by an opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss scenarios with experienced intelligence operatives.

Targeting the right people, making the right relationships, and asking the right questions can dismantle an organization from the inside out…we know, we have done it. 

- Greyscale Intelligence