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Businesses are susceptible to a multitude of potential threats on a daily basis and from a variety of sources. While these threats will continues to exist, your response to them doesn’t have to be reactive – you can take proactive measures to protect your organization and your employees with our Secure Business operations train courses below 

secure business operations 


Corporate Counter Intelligence Awareness Briefing

This training is relevant for security professionals who are responsible for conducting investigations on behalf of their organization.

Regardless of whether the origin of an incident is internal or external in nature, investigating matters that impact personnel or operations can be a sensitive undertaking, and a mishandled or disorganized investigation can be costly and damaging. This training covers various investigative methods and strategies, detailed planning, open source research methods, structured questioning and interviewing, evidence handling, and record keeping. Upon completion of this training, participants will have learned ways to conduct safe and effective workplace investigations, while staying within legal guidelines and company mandated policy and procedures

Intelligence Led Security Procedures

This training is for security professionals and security teams that work within permissive environments (e.g. Canada/U.S.) and whose responsibilities include securing sensitive infrastructure and the protection of employees.

Serious security incidents are often preceded by some form of intelligence gathering effort – the Intelligence Led Security Procedures course will enhance the individual’s ability to recognize and mitigate these intelligence-based threats. Topics include advanced situational awareness, surveillance detection, counter-intelligence, tactical questioning and interviewing techniques, identifying threats, and responding to incidents effectively. Proficiency in these and other intelligence-led security measures will allow professionals at the individual and team level to maintain a proactive security posture to better manage all types of threats

Foreign Environment Security Operations

This training is for individuals who are responsible for the security and safety of employees that conduct business in sensitive or foreign environments where there may be physical or intelligence-based threats.

In today’s climate, places that were once considered safe, now present new challenges and risks, while areas that have traditionally been deemed unsafe continue to deteriorate. This instability and uncertainty requires organizations to adopt a more secure and deliberate posture when conducting business abroad. Greyscale instructors rely on their extensive experience to train participants on operational planning, surveillance detection & avoidance, secure transport tactics, emergency measures, counter-intelligence, and more. This training adheres to a principle we strongly believe in: maintaining a low profile at all times in order to avoid unnecessary risks. To achieve this, participants will learn to employ the very same security procedures and principles Greyscale instructors used while gathering intelligence in some of the most hostile environments in the world.

Corporate Counter Intelligence

This training is ideal for employees that have access to classified or sensitive information as part of their role within an organization.

The threat posed by foreign intelligence services and other entities that would engage in corporate espionage is real, but is often overlooked. Targeting the right employees, making the right relationships, and asking the right questions can dismantle an organization from the inside out – we know, we have done it. Possessing a security clearance is only one part of the equation – intelligence threats must be proactively managed by equipping employees with the skills and knowledge required to keep themselves and the organization secure. Recruitment or exploitation by a foreign intelligence service is difficult to avoid if you don’t know what to look for; in this training we will explore the ways that hostile intelligence collects information on individuals they have identified as ‘High Value Targets”, we will demonstrate the common traits of a ‘recruitment’ effort and look at what makes an employee exploitable.

Surveillance Awareness & Protection

This dynamic training has been designed for anyone who could be considered a “high value target” for hostile surveillance – government employees, security and intelligence professionals, enforcement agencies, correctional services, and anyone that has access to sensitive or classified information as part of their employment, such as those in finance, technology, or research.

Regardless of their intent, hostile actors will almost always gather information through surveillance prior to taking action. To counter this threat, participants will learn the basics of foot and vehicle surveillance, which they will leverage to assist in recognizing the signs that indicate they are being followed. “Personal Anti-Surveillance Drills” will be covered extensively, and we will explore the concepts behind “Counter-Surveillance” and how to employ it to detect surveillance on another person – particularly useful for security professionals who may need to determine whether or not someone in their organization is being followed.