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HUMINT Training Workshop

Delivered by two experienced source handlers with backgrounds in Canadian and British intelligence services, this half-day, customizable workshop will cover one of four key source handling categories; Proactive Source Recruitment, Information Elicitation, Source Development & Case Management, or Tradecraft & Security. Regardless of experience level, each participant will leave this workshop as a more effective handler with better tools for conducting source operations. The insight officers will gain during this workshop will also increase their respective law enforcement agency’s ability to safely and effectively carry out source handling operations

Proactive Source Recruitment

Information Elicitation

Source Development & Case Management 

Tradecraft & Security

Greyscale Intelligence is a security consulting and training agency based in Ottawa, Ontario. With decades of experience between them, Greyscale’s principals are experts in the field of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Counter-Terrorism. Bringing together a number of specialized skills, namely, source handling techniques, advanced tradecraft, covert surveillance & counter-surveillance tactics, Greyscale is able to effectively assess client needs and then deploy a training solution that enhances their overall security posture and preparedness.



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